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Statewide Moving

One of our trained in-home estimators will come out to your home to determine your moving needs and present you with a moving quote in writing. Your moving quote will include our affordably-priced services and old fashioned-care that is exclusively American Moving and Storage.

Piano's and Fine Art

Family-owned. Specializing in piano moving for many years. Our highly skilled teams of moving professionals always use the proper tools, equipment and technique for each individual piano and situation.

Packing Services

Packing and moving doesn't need to be strenuous. Schedule our professional packing and moving services a few days in advance of the move to give you the peace of mind that you are packed and organized. This preparation will allow yourself time for any last minute tasks you may have overlooked and will reduce your level of stress.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Movers
  • On-Time Service
  • Piano and Antique Specialists
  • Secure Storage Facility
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Fast Reliable Service
  • "A" Rated With The BBB

And Proper Training...

  • 200 hours of supervised on-the-job training
  • 30 hours of classroom training
  • Mastery of 80 skills associated with packing

Statewide Moving Specialists

Statewide moves are a specialty of American Moving & Storage. Our competitive pricing combined with our unprecedented customer service and volume of agents has made us the preferred moving company  for statewide household moving services.

As your preferred statewide moving specialist, we will work with you throughout your statewide move to plan a customized moving package and carry out your move with as little stress as possible. In addition to your sales representative, a Move Coordinator will work closely with you to keep you informed about the steps of the moving process and be there to help you if you have any questions.

What will you get from us during your move?

  • Competitive Pricing –  A statewide moving quote is based on the weight of your shipment and distance of your move. The prices are largely dependent on regulated tariffs. Additional charges may be incurred for special services such as automobile moving and specialty crating and handling.
  • Packing - Many people prefer to have their belongings packed professionally to avoid risk of damage. You may choose to customize your packing options by requesting Stevens to pack all of your items or only those that are fragile or of high value.
  • Debris Removal - As a courtesy to you and to the environment, Stevens can customize your package to arrange for debris removal at destination.
  • Supplies - Your representative can arrange for moving supplies, including boxes, newsprint and bubble wrap.
  • Storage - Our warehouses offer ample storage options for temporary or long-term storage when a little extra space is needed.

Professional Piano Movers By Steinway & Sons

No one moves pianos like Pro Piano Movers!

Professional piano movers are a necessity if you are in the process of moving out of your home or are interested in repositioning your piano to another location in your existing home. Pianos are very delicate instruments, requiring precise tension and attention to detail in order to get the best sound possible. Without knowing much about piano moving, it would be easy to disrupt this fine balance that is so fundamental to pianos. It is for this reason that professional piano movers like us exist. Professional piano movers know what is required in the movement of pianos and will be able to ensure the safe transport of the instrument, in a climate controlled environment.

There are many important aspects of moving a piano, and professional piano movers should not only know all of these but be able to adequately prepare for them as well. One of the most critical aspects that piano movers have to deal with is the packing of the piano. There is a wide range of weights that pianos can have – grand pianos can weigh anywhere between 500 and 1300 pounds. If that weren’t enough, there are hundreds of strings wrapped at a very high tension, and with all the mechanisms in the instrument there can be over 1000 moving parts. For this reason, the way that the piano is packed is vital to the success of the move. Professional piano movers should take the utmost care in wrapping the piano, using a combination of pads and blankets to make sure that a protective seal is around the instrument. Piano movers know that scuffing a piano can almost be as bad as damaging it, so professionals need to think of both the internal and external features of the instruments when moving it.

Pro Piano Movers is dedicated to providing the most reliable service for your professional piano moving needs. The unorthodox shape, the many outer and inner mechanisms, and the tendency to become scuffed all requires not only proper equipment, but also an understanding of all the unique aspects of piano moving. Professional piano movers are therefore necessary, and Pro Piano Movers can help solve your piano moving needs in an efficient, safe, and courteous manner.

Packing Household Items and Fine Art

Planning a move can be just as stressful as the actual move, and packing is often back breaking and time consuming. Let the professionals at American Moving accomplish in only hours, what could take so much time and energy to do yourself.

At American Moving, we have professional packers who will come into your home and pack your entire household or just a few special items for you. Our packing professionals will determine the right packaging for your needs. We offer an assortment of packs, boxes and cushioning material to protect your items. Our staff can customize a box on-site to fit large or odd-shaped items, dissemble your furniture, wrap all your furniture in pads and make your move stress free.



  • Savings of time: Our professionals will complete in just hours a job that would have taken you weeks.
  • Peace of mind: The knowledge that your belongings are packed correctly and are ready to be moved safely.
  • Reliability: Our estimates are accurate and honest.
  • Customize Packing: We can make a custom box on-site to fit a large or odd-shaped item.
  • Hi-tech Packing: Trust Preferred Movers to pack your technology. We have the expertise and boxes specially designed to protect your flat screen television, laptop and other electronic devices.
  • Expertise: Our professional staff is trained on how items should be packed, loaded and stacked.

We know how important it is to you that your goods arrive at your new home safely and without damage. The correct packing of your household goods will ensure that they remain safe during transit.

Unpacking your home can be another daunting task. Why not let Our Movers unpack your items for you. We can work with you to position those heavy items just in the right place, assemble the furniture and even remove the empty cartons.

Our professional packing staff is ready to help you with any of your packing or unpacking needs. With our competitive rates our packing service is affordable for almost anyone. Schedule a few days prior to your move to give you the peace of mind that your items will be packed by professionals to ensure a safe move.

Safe and Secure Storage Facility

Need a safe and secure place to store your belongings in-between moves? Not sure where you are moving to and need some more time? Have an overload of materials? Moishe’s offers customized moving storage facilities to fit your or your business’s specific storage needs. Whether you require a place to keep your belongings while relocating or a place to store your overload, Moishe’s is the place to do it. Those moving in New York often come across obstacles unique to city living. For example, they find that their new apartment cannot hold all of their belongings or they experience gaps in leases. No one wants to move unnecessary furniture or seasonal clothing into a temporary apartment. Moishe’s offers you freedom to move and to live according to your schedule.

The main elements of self storage are security, size, accessibility, and affordability. Clients should be guaranteed that their items are always protected within a self storage facility. That requires state-of-the-art technology like CCTV and 24/7 security personnel monitoring the self storage facility. Every client requires a different type of storage and a self storage facility should be fully capable of accommodating those needs, from a wide variety of self storage unit sizes and customizable self storage units to climate and temperature controlled self storage units. Clients might require access to their own belongings at a moment's notice and every self storage facility should allow access around the clock. Lastly, self storage providers should work to provide every client with affordable self storage.

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  • Andrew S., Fort Lauderdale FL

    The 4 guys were fantastic and would recommend them to anyone! 11/2011

  • Nicole H., Davie FL

    Jr's team was incredible. So hard working and courteous, it made a stressful experience bearable! All the guys were so careful and patient. This crew is hard to beat! 10/2011

Why Us?

  • On Time Service
  • Professional Moving Men
  • Honest & Reliable
  • "A" Rated BBB Report
  • Family Owned & Operated

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